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Do I Really Need Content Marketing?

(How Do I get My Message Out?) There is no denying that today the internet has become a major source of customers for almost all businesses.  It is hard to even find a company that does not have a website and a large number of these are ecommerce sites that have replaced brick and mortar […]

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5 Easy Ways to Leverage Your Own Content Distribution

You’ve just finished writing that great article that will answer a question everyone has on their lips or solve that problem half the population is dealing with.  You’ve created a stimulating photo album of a recent event and now you want to get it out there for all the world to see.  You have lots […]

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Social Media Signals

Do You Believe Google is Stupid? The vast number of article you read on the web today touting the benefits of social media often address how all the fans, followers, shares, likes and comments will help to boost your websites rankings.  Many top name blogs claim that social media signals are a factor in rankings […]

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Analyzing Your Backlink Profile

Over the last couple of years website owners and SEO companies have become much more attune to maintaining a clean backlink profile.  The rash of penalties handed out by Google served notice to the community that they could no longer engage in rampant link building tactics that had worked to boost their websites in the […]

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Why Is a Backlink Analysis Important?

With all the publicity about how search engines (and most importantly Google) looks favorably or unfavorably on a backlink profile, why should you make it part of your regular work to conduct a backlink analysis?  To begin with keep in mind that your backlink profile is one of the major factors in how well your […]

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Reconsideration Revenge

Ever been hit with a manual penalty?  If so, you might find a round of “Whack-a-Cutts” very therapeutic.  

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