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Analyzing Your Backlink Profile

Over the last couple of years website owners and SEO companies have become much more attune to maintaining a clean backlink profile.  The rash of penalties handed out by Google served notice to the community that they could no longer engage in rampant link building tactics that had worked to boost their websites in the […]

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Why Is a Backlink Analysis Important?

With all the publicity about how search engines (and most importantly Google) looks favorably or unfavorably on a backlink profile, why should you make it part of your regular work to conduct a backlink analysis?  To begin with keep in mind that your backlink profile is one of the major factors in how well your […]

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What Are Unnatural Backlinks?

Identifying Backlinks that Are Harmful Everyone is aware by now that Google can and will take action against what they determine to be in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and of particular interest to most website owners and SEOs is their guidance on any link schemes that can lead to a penalty.  I have not […]

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Preparing for a Google Penalty Reconsideration – Part III

The Reconsideration Request: The Final Step How Much Is Enough? A question many will have before submitting a Reconsideration Request is whether they have cleaned up enough to have their request approved.  Although there is no set number or percentage of backlinks that must be removed, Google is looking to see that you have removed […]

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Preparing for a Google Penalty Reconsideration – Part II

The Real Work Begins Part I of this series covered collecting all the various information you will need to put together your Recondsideration Request.  Now that you have collected the information to use in your recovery the first thing to understand is that this is not a quick process.  Do not get impatient since doing a […]

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Preparing for a Google Penalty Reconsideration – Part I

The Process Begins Has Google knocked your website out of the search engine rankings?  Has Google seen to it that your organic search visits have dried up?   Did you receive a manual or algorithmic penalty?  If your answer is yes then don’t despair.  You can repair the damage and get back to where you were before.  […]

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