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Pay Per Click Advertising – Fort Worth and Dallas

Pay Per Click

Managed pay per click marketing differs from traditional online advertising in several ways.

  1. The advertiser pays only for click-thru’s or visitors sent to his site, and does not pay for ad impressions.
  2. Search engine advertising is mostly text-based. Ads resemble search engine results, but designated as ads.
  3. The service is bid-based with no contractual commitment although we recommend that you try it for a minimum of 90 days.

We use an ROI approach with our pay-per-click clients, because for us to be successful, you must be successful. We will:

    • Work with you to establish a value for each conversion (telephone call or form submission), and a value for each website visitor.
    • Research and find the right keywords for your products and services, and closely monitor the performance of each keyword.
    • Develop multiple ads highlighting the key features and benefits of your products and services, and test the ads to see which ones work best.
    • Setup your campaigns to show your ads in the specific geographic areas you desire.
    • Setup a remarketing program so that visitors who have come to your site will see your ads when they visit other websites.
    • Establish telephone tracking so that we can accurately determine the number of people who call you after seeing your ads.
    • Establish a monthly budget so that you know the maximum that you will pay each month.
    • Manage the keywords bids for your campaigns to keep your ads at the top part of the search engine results page.
    • Actively manage your campaign to improve results.
    • Provide monthly reporting to show you the details of your campaign performance.
    • Be transparent in all aspects of our business relationship with you.

    We’ve been successfully managing search engine advertising campaigns since 2001, and we are a Google Partner certified in Google Adwords.

    We are very cost-effective for small and medium sized businesses. Your monthly media costs will be charged to your credit card by Google. Our costs are billed monthly at a percentage of media costs, plus initial setup fees.

    There is no minimum on the amount you spent with Google, but we recommend at least $500 per month. There is a minimum monthly cost of $300 for our services.

    Please email us by completing the online form or call us at 817-545-1188 to discuss development of your pay per click advertising program.