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Evaluating Your Competition: Competitor Backlink Prospecting

In any line of business one of the keys to success is evaluating what the competition is doing.  In this age of internet business it means checking out their website, their blog and their backlink profile. All of these areas can identify areas for improvement and new ideas.  Their website may give you ideas on […]

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Link Building Best Practices in the Post-Penguin Era

How has Google’s Penguin update affected link building? CEO Neil Patel explains that it’s still about “Quantity, Quality, Diversity and Velocity” in this video interview.

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Tips for Successful WordPress Blog Marketing

So you have your own WordPress blog and wish to market it and make it a successful blog. Just how do you bring this about? How can you start getting your blog out in the open to be seen and known by others? How can you draw readers and have them wanting more? There are […]

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