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You Recovered from a Google Penalty: What Now?

Your website was one of the thousands that Google went after with their recent algorithm changes and you were not lucky.  You received a manual or algorithmic penalty.  The penalty wiped out your Page 1 rankings across the board.  You then worked hard to clean up a mess that got your website penalized by Google.  […]

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How Content Marketing Can Help Your Search Engine Rankings

Are search engine algorithm changes keeping you up at night? Content marketing done right is the answer now and will reap dividends for your ranking into the future, too. Inbound marketing or content marketing means you are providing your customers with relevant and useful information to help them solve their problems. Joe Pulizzi, founder of […]

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Keywords: Basic Building Blocks for Website Success

by Harold Compton What are Keywords? Everyone has heard that keywords are important for websites but why? Keywords are the words or phrases used in website that make it easy for visitors to find your site through search engines by telling search engines what your site is about.  This allows search engines to list your […]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Qualified Infographics Designer

In recent years, communicating information across various online media and platforms has become more graphical than it has been in the past. Wordy blog posts as well as lengthy Facebook status updates and Tweets are now giving way to graphical representations of information- the infographics. These are poster-like images found in various websites and social […]

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Internet Marketing: The Many Faces of Business Success on the Web

Total Internet Marketing internet marketing – –   For all of the above to work together requires a coordinated strategy that begins with detailed research into your own business, your potential customers and your competitors.  You must then develop a clear understanding of what the ultimate goal is and how each part of the puzzle […]

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The Importance of the Meta Description Tag

In 2010 I wrote a blog post about meta tags in general, but I want to focus today on the meta description tag because it is so important. It is frequently the difference between someone clicking on your search result or choosing another result. Here’s how Google uses the meta tag information. If you’re meta […]

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