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The Importance of the Meta Description Tag

In 2010 I wrote a blog post about meta tags in general, but I want to focus today on the meta description tag because it is so important. It is frequently the difference between someone clicking on your search result or choosing another result. Here’s how Google uses the meta tag information. If you’re meta […]

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Alas, Poor Google Reader . . .

With Google Reader destined for the “ashbin of history” on July 1,  UK-based Hit Reach offers up this fitting (albeit tongue-in-cheek) requiem for the beloved feed service. And, of course, you had to see this one coming . . . Please feel free to pay your final respects in the comments below. Please connect with us on […]

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Google’s Evolving Personalized Search Results

SEOMOZ’s Rand Fishkin describes personalization, as it applies to Google’s search algorithm as,  “Usage data I mean the areas where Google is showing you or other users specific things based on your usage activities, where they are leveraging usage data, broad usage data, for many users to come up with different changes to these types […]

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A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager

It wasn’t that long ago that social media was touted as an easy way for businesses to create their online presence.  Like all marketing, however, social media takes work . . . lots of work . . . in order to deliver the desired results. Thanks to for this infographic outlining the duties of the typical social […]

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What Facebook Graph Search Means for Local Businesses

Over the years, Facebook has touted a variety of modifications as “game changers.”  This time the reality could very well match the hype. The infographic below (compliments of Advantage Capital Funds) shows why Facebook’s Graph Search will benefit local businesses by providing them a level playing field alongside brand pages. By the way, if you’re […]

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Welcome to BingBook

Microsoft says its Bing search engine got “five times more content” by adding Facebook results in a sidebar on its organic SERPs today. Users who are logged into Facebook will now see relevant results from others within their social network.  This is similar to the way social content from Google+ appears in Google’s organic results. […]

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