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The Declining Reach of Facebook

Will Declining Reach on Facebook Again Spell Death for another Social Media Platform Over the last year there has been article after article on the subject of declining reach of Facebook pages.  For businesses that invested heavily in developing their page, working hard to acquire fans and posting religiously this has been a hard pill […]

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What is the Truth about Social Media for Business?

Every day I see articles that tell all about how social media is the solution and how businesses have to be on social media to be successful.  I also recently read about the Gallup poll that stated that the majority of respondents to a poll on social media stated that social media had little or […]

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Social Media Strategy vs Social Media Tactics

I continue to see articles on the subject of social media strategy that go on endlessly about how many times to post of various platforms, how to respond to comments whether positive or negative, ensuring that your content is quality and not quantity and a wide variety of what I consider tactics, not strategy.  Webster’s […]

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Three Reasons Social Media Isn’t Social

Social Media for Business: Three Reasons Social Media Isn’t Social   Over the last couple of years I have observed what I consider to be a serious trend toward a lack of social engagement on business social media platforms.  It appears that businesses are spending all of their time posting links to posts, advertising their […]

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Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business: How Much is Enough?     Everywhere I look on the web I find articles about how businesses need to be on social media.  They explain how if you aren’t on social media you are missing out on engaging with many of your current and future customers.  They tell you how many […]

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Is Twitter Really Social?

Is Twitter Still a Social Media Platform? Having been reluctant in the past about jumping into social media for business purposes I did a lot of study before setting up my Twitter page.  When I finally set up a page I immediately found it to be a valuable source of information that assisted me daily […]

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