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3 Biggest Mistakes in Social Media

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make in Social Media Is your Social Media Ship Sinking? 1 . No Real Social Media Plan: Many businesses seem to think that all there is to social media is to establish a Facebook page, a Twitter account or many of the other platforms and start posting.  They miss the […]

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Will Facebook Go the Way of MySpace?

Will Facebook Go the Way of MySpace? Photo credits: egg (Hong, Yun Seon) Do you remember MySpace? It wasn’t that long ago that it was the place to be online – at least when it came to social media networks. However, something happened along the way and people left the site in droves. Soon it […]

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy:  How to Develop One That Works Social media strategy; every business that goes into the social media arena has heard that they need to have a strategy.  I have read numerous articles on the subject and what I have found is that most of them give you the general guidance but fail […]

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Why So Many Companies are Struggling with Social Media

I continue to read posts, blogs and news articles either for or against social media for businesses.  Critics claim the real value lies in SEO or blogging, guest posting and link building, whileproponents of social media believe businesses must embrace it to succeed. As a strong supporter of social media, I feel that businesses that […]

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Why is it that will all the hype and buzz about how social media can be a big boost to businesses many find that they get no return and quickly stop using it?  Even though it can attract thousands of fans, followers and readers and could result in increased sales and revenue many have ceased […]

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Community Building with Social Media

You’ve probably read or been told that social media is about building communities. But exactly what does that mean? There are countless books and articles on the topic, and it’s easy to overthink the concept when in fact, it’s pretty simple. While waiting to place my order at a local take-out restaurant last week, I noticed this Community Bulletin Board. As […]

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