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Google’s New Voice Search for Desktop Available on Chrome

If you’re like a lot of people, you seldom use your desktop or laptop computer’s auxiliary or built-in microphone, but that may be about to change. On Monday, Google launched its “voice search for desktop” technology. The feature is currently only available to users of Google’s Chrome browser.  Read more. Have you tried it yet? […]

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Link Building Best Practices in the Post-Penguin Era

How has Google’s Penguin update affected link building? CEO Neil Patel explains that it’s still about “Quantity, Quality, Diversity and Velocity” in this video interview.

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Community Building with Social Media

You’ve probably read or been told that social media is about building communities. But exactly what does that mean? There are countless books and articles on the topic, and it’s easy to overthink the concept when in fact, it’s pretty simple. While waiting to place my order at a local take-out restaurant last week, I noticed this Community Bulletin Board. As […]

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SEO Tip of the Week

In order for search engines to accurately index your site, they must be able to navigate it. Search engine spiders can’t read image links, image maps and Javascript, which is often used to create drop down menus. If your site incorporates any of these elements, be sure to include corresponding text links somewhere on your […]

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Google AdWords Negative Keywords

Negaitve keywords are an effective way to keep your pay-per-click ad from showing when someone searches on unrelated keywords.  For example, if you sell women’s shoes, you don’t want your ad showing when someone searches on mens’ shoes.  So it may seem logical to add the negative keyword, men or men’s, to keep your ad […]

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Personalized Search Results

The Google search results that you see are frequently not the same other people see, especially if you’ve previously searched on the keyword phrase. Google currently provides “personalized search” results; they base the your search results on your previous searches and clicks. This occurs whether or not you’re signed-on to Google. Here are two examples: […]

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