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Landing Pages and Calls to Action

Landing Pages and Calls to Action:

Do Yours Set You Up for Failure?

Do you currently run a pay-per-click campaign that is not converting?  Do you feel that you are just throwing money at Google Adwords to generate big revenues for them?  If your pay-per-click campaign is a failure, the problem isn’t with Google Adwords.  The problem may be that your ads are getting a lot of clicks (which costs you money!) but your landing pages are failing you.  A review of the numerous, landing pages and call to action buttons revealed problems with many, resulting in possible loss of leads and conversions.

Four short steps to Landing Pages and CTAs that Convert:

  1.  When using a Call to Action button, it should stand out from everything else on the page and draw the visitors eyes to it immediately.  The CTA should be a color, size or shape which draws the readers eyes to it immediately.  I continue to find CTAs that blend in so well with the page that I almost miss them.
  2. Call to Action button should be located above the fold and landing pages should attempt to have all text above the fold if possible.  Readers are hesitant to read a page that extends below the fold.  Don’t bog the reader down, get to the point and provide the CTA!
  3. Many Landing pages numerous links or navigation, both to internal and external pages.  A landing page should have no links or navigation and should only allow for the action you wish the visitor to take; fill out the form, sign up, buy, etc.  Share buttons should be added to the bottom of the landing pages with a request to share the information if they found it helpful.  Do not provide links to social media sites as you risk losing the visitor once they get on the social media site.
  4. The CTA on the page needs to be designed so that it is apparent that it is a button to click and text on it should be relevant to the search term the visitor used to get to the page.  As an example:  A visitor searched for the phrase “helping housebreak a dog”.  The search results page has an about the same terms which takes them to your landing page.   The landing page MUST contain information on the subject of the search or you will again lose visitors.  The landing page should be titled something  along the lines of “How to Housebreak a Dog”

Your goal with a Google Adwords campaign was to draw the visitor to your landing page.  Once there you must quickly tell them how you can solve their problem or provide the product they were looking for and give them a CTA leading them to your web page where they can convert.