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Discover What Web 2.0 Marketing Can Do for You

If you’ve been on the Internet for a while, you know what Web 2.0 is.

Web 2.0 is what makes interactive information sharing possible, and without it, the Internet wouldn’t provide two way communication. The earlier years of the internet featured a very top-down business model where the large corporately owned websites created the content and the users of the sites viewed it. But now, it’s different. Whether you want to network socially and establish relationships or simply let your beliefs be known to the world, that type of power is now in your hands.

This has had a major impact on how products and services are being marketed online. Web 2.0 oriented sites allow much more potential for Internet marketers when building a brand, getting new leads, or selling a product. People are far more likely to be interested and, thereby, far more likely to respond to web 2.0 marketing initiatives. There is nothing monotonous or lackluster about it. Web 2.0 marketing will be given a closer look in the following article in order to help provide a better understanding as to how it works.

Let’s begin by discussing what Web 2.0 really is all about. Many people have tried to name it or give meaning to it, but in its truest definition, Web 2.0 is really like version 2 of the original Internet; here the online world has grown from the simple unmoving web pages to a more enriching environment that include features like social networking and shared video content. This type of marketing or advertising can be done many different ways to include Tweeting, Facebook, Blogs, Comments and RSS Feeds. Probably the biggest benefit of Web 2.0 is that it has made it possible for anyone who wants one to have their own space on the web. User Generated Content, or UGC, can be obtained for free, allowing you to put content that’s entirely original online. As a user, you can then plug into the other Web 2.0 sites that share similar interests as you with RSS feeds, comment sections or any other tool that will allow your users to start a dialog with one another and with you.

We will look at the phenomenon of comments to see one way that Web 2.0 can benefit your business. We all agree that search engines are always on the lookout for fresh content, right? If particular website content is refreshed routinely, the search engines will often index it as a result. The wonderful thing about comments on your web-page is that they become your fresh and exciting new content, and you didn’t even have to invent it yourself! Apart from comments, even RSS feeds are helpful, as they allow anyone to subscribe to your website and stay updated about any changes being made. This translates to return customers. Submitting your RSS feeds to RSS directories will give you more backlinks, and this will also increase your search engine standings. With this, you don’t just benefit from direct visits to your site, you also get residual hits from the many various search engines.

If your Internet marketing strategies don’t include Web 2.0 techniques, you are ignoring powerful revenue increasing opportunities. You’ll not only have an edge over the competition but will also be able to create strong relationship with your target market.

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