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Health Capital Investors – Steven Nitsberg

After being a client for almost 10 years, Health Capital Investors stopped all online advertising in early January, 2014. At that time, Health Capital Investors President Steven Nitsberg stated that he was unable to pay the total amount for advertising charges incurred in December and early January, but that he would pay off the amount in full over the next few months.

The total amount owed Advance Web by Health Capital Investors as of January 18 was in excess of $18,000. Over 85% of this amount is in hard costs, actual online advertising expenses incurred by Advance web on behalf of Health Capital Investors. We have already paid these charges to Google Adwords and MSN Bing Adcenter.

As of this September 1, 2015, the amount owed to Advance Web Promotions is still in excess of $7,000. Payments have slowed from an initial February payment of $2,500 to every-other-month payments of $500 to $750.

Health Capital Investors has been our client since March 2005. The relationship has been a positive one until the recent payment delays. Over the life of the advertising campaign, Health Capital Investors’ advertising success has declined. Advance Web Promotions has made numerous recommendations to improve the campaign. These include testing new ad copy, adding Google Analytics, updating their 1990’s looking website, adding additional website content that is more relevant to their keywords, and installing telephone tracking to show which keywords produce telephone calls. Health Capital Investors has not acted on any of these recommendations. Recommendations made almost monthly usually were ignored by Nitsberg without a response.

We regret that our relationship with Health Capital Investors has deteriorated to this level. Mr. Nitsberg has given us his commitment that his debt will be paid. However, based on his payment history it will take many years and we simply are not in a position to finance Health Capital Investors for an extended period of time..

Note: We believe that all information presented is completely factual. If you believe any information presented is not 100% accurate, please contact Harry Lennard.