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SEO Tip of the Week

SEO tip of the week.

Creating Effective Title Tags

Just as the title of a book gives the reader an indication of what the work is about,  Title tags tell search engines what Web pages are about.  For that reason, you need to create unique titles for every important page on your site.

Be sure to include your primary keywords near the beginning of your title tags. If your company serves a limited geographic area, include that area (state, city, county, etc.) in the title.  For example, if your company sells widgets in Sacramento, the title tag for your Home page could be as simple as “Widgets in Sacramento” or “Widgets | Sacramento.”

The same rule applies to interior pages.  For example, an interior page about metal widgets should have its own unique title tag, for example “Metal Widgets in Sacramento.”

Including your company name in your titles can help increase awareness by appearing in search results but it should be placed after the keyword and, if applicable, the geo locator term.  For example, “Widgets in Sacramento by Widget World” or “Widgets in Sacramento | Widget World.”

In addition to the title tags, every important page on your site should also have a unique, keyword optimized meta description.  It should also include a call to action. Meta descriptions are what appear beneath the titles in search results and are the equivalent of your :30 elevator pitch.  If you fail to provide meta descriptions, search engines will pull copy from your pages based on what they determine to be the most relevant copy for the particular query.  In most cases, this doesn’t make for compelling sales pitches.

While we’re on the topic of meta data, let’s talk a little about meta keywords.  At one time search engines placed a great deal of importance on them, but that’s no longer the case.  There’s nothing wrong with including meta keywords, but remember to make them relevant to the page and don’t “keyword stuff” your tags by including everything you hope to rank for.  Since search engines no longer place any value on meta keywords doing this won’t hurt anything, but it certainly won’t help either.

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