Managed Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click

Managed pay per click marketing differs from traditional online advertising in three ways. First, the advertiser pays only for click-thru’s or visitors sent to his site, and does not pay for ad impressions. Second, advertising is text-based. Ads resemble typical search engine listings, although they are usually designated as "Sponsored Listings" or something similar. Third, they are bid-based with no contractual commitment instead of a fixed-fee arrangement. This provides the advertiser with the flexibility to test various phrases.

Because of the ability to bid on many keywords, the keyword selection approach differs from search engine optimization (SEO). SEO dictates that site owners narrow the list of keywords, due to the requirement to support each keyword phrase with targeted pages. Pay-per-click does not require separate pages for each keyword. Therefore, the keyword list can remain expanded, with the most economical bids frequently occurring on keywords with fewer searches.

Advance Web Promotions can develop and manage a cost-effective managed pay-per-click advertising campaign in conjunction with your organic search engine optimization program or as a stand-alone program. Our process contains several steps.

  1. Establish the value of each click-thru and the maximum bid amount.
  2. Explore keyword development and price all potential keywords.
  3. Choose the most relevant and cost-effective keyword phrases.
  4. Implement and manage the pay per click program

The management of your pay per click program consists of:

  1. Detailed monthly reporting showing visitors, costs, and conversions.
  2. Ad testing to improve campaign performance
  3. Ongoing consultation.

Pay per click advertising is billed monthly at a 10% of media costs, plus initial setup fees and deposits. Monthly service includes twice per week bid management, plus monthly reporting and consultation. A $200 minimum monthly cost applies for management services.

Contact us to discuss development of your managed pay per click advertising program.